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My Equipment



Internet Radio






  • Done the open up for Quiff and Aryial gig, -REVIEW HERE-
  • Doing the open up for The Quiff and Ayrial gig on April 3rd, First ever live "in person" appearance", I'll be on for about half and hour and I'll possibly be performing in between bands as well. For more information about how to attend please contact Paul of Ayrial
  • First party organized for August - more details at a later date

...if you wish for me to DJ at a party or event, make sure it is after August as then I will have all the necessary equipment, and use the Contact page to discuss this with me. If you wish to listen to a preview of me DJing live! over the internet or a recording then please contact me, I regularly broadcast my radio station, although I am looking to DJ for other sites with servers.

Visit the Quiff site

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