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April 3rd Gig at Bourock

Courtesy of The Quiff forum members


Stu Glovers:

First off we had The Temps, a tidy little 3-peice who played a decent set. Although it has to be said the Bass player really looked like a girl. No memorable songs really but they played well together and gave a good showing. 2.5/5

And then the moment we had all been waiting for. The official debut of The Quiff. Ramage got the crowd going and we were off. Got to say i was impressed with all 4 of the lads, except when Mark seemed to be having issues getting his guitar strap on. Seriously man, its no hard tongue.gif tongue.gif. Seriously though, Ramage does indeed make a good front man and the general play was excellent. Song choice couldnt be faulted either and my favs were actually the originals "Red Dress" and "Burning Rose". Not enough people sang the chorus' on "Knocking on Heavens Door" and "Brown Eyed Girl" for my liking but you cant have everything. The set was rounded off with an excellent cover of "Teenage Kicks". A brilliant debut from the guys and im sure they cant wait to get another gig under their respective belts. 4/5

Our main mod Mark stayed on the stage to do his thang for Ayrial with his big brother Paul (can you say awww). They were awesome with their main man (whos name i forget, Duncan possibly) having real stage presence and even squeezing in some Harmonica playing as well. People around me seemed to think they were better than The Quiff ohmy.gif but that's just silly talk. Other noteable highlights were Pauls bass solo and the crowd demanding an encore. also 4/5

I left not long after the final band The Scruffs started their set. In my opinion they really werent very good and (AND) they covered Zeppelin. Which you just dont do. Especially not if your voice hasnt broken yet dry.gif

i should also mention that Shanner was excellent on his decks at the start of the festivities, not that i know anything about mixing but it sounded good thumb.gif

A good night all in



Paul Higgins's:

Kounter Sync - Was unlucky with the wobly table although I don't think it made too much of a difference as the song choice was great and provided a perfect way to open up the show. The highlight for me had to be "Jump Around" - when I heard the intro burst on it got me fired up and ready to just go for it. Great debut from The Sync. 3.5/5

The Temps - Over the last few days i've talked to Colin on the phone a few times arranging the PA and asked if they could play. Weasel was having none of it. When Weasel arrived at the hall and said he would play you should have seen Colin. The big guy was seriously almost in tears with emotion. It was a great moment. Nice little power trio with some good powerful riffs and vocals. They only played 3 songs taken straight from their EP but it was a great way to get the crowd warmed up. Song structures were fairly basic as the same riff played through each song. Nevertheless a strong performance from the lads. 4/5

La Quiff - The big debut from the boys. What can I say? When Mark told me they were playing 4 acoustic songs and only one distorted song I was very scepticle of how it would go down with the crowd. Well, it went down a treat. As I expected wee Ramage makes a great, confident front man and obviously with Mark's stage presence they got the crowd right into it. Ramage screwed up the bass during Teenage Kicks but it didn't really matter too much as the overall energy of the song covered it up. "Red Dress" was my personal favourite and the boys have done themselves proud. 4.5/5

The Scruffs - So it was time for the most experienced band to take the stage and show us what they had to offer. Played a blend of covers and originals although Im afraid to say the covers saved what was an average performance. No stage movement nor great effort to "woo" the crowd left the hall quite empty after a few songs. Marc and the bass player were even having a conversation with each other in the middle of a song which seemed like they didn't really give a fuck. Covering two Zeppelin songs as well! As Stu said - it just shouldn't be done! One of the originals was also a complete rip off of "Take the Power Back" by Rage Against the Machine.
----------Reading over this review i've noticed that it's kinda bitchy which isn't intentional as they did play well as a band and I enjoyed Jonny B Goode at the end. Maybe everyone expected too much of them? Maybe they had a bad night? All I know is the crowd were far from impressed im afraid. 3/5



My quick review:

oh yeah if you add up all mine you will see u i got an average of 3.25 thumb.gif

Kounter Sync - Colin had the EQ fucking everywhere, which i noticed at the end, so if it sounded a bit off then thats why, and the table i had was extreamly shit, i was crappy... no other comments...

The Temps - 3/5 - some more songs couldn't have gone wrong, over all the song hoice and fact that it was kinda spur of the moment thing, well done thumb.gif

The Quiff - 4/5 - Exellent, much better than most people expected and myself, could have had more practice, but u's only had a vocalist for a while. Man u's were much better on the night than during the sound checks! Soo much energy mark and fras jumping about, stephen even put on the hat that was thrown to him.... nice touch thumb.gif

Ayrial - 4.5/5 - What can i say, the highlight of my night anyway, Scott is fucking amazing even tho i think he was the most nervous he still rocked the joint. Mark and Paul, there is no way to explain that kind of combanation. And Duncan, anything goes by the fact he even used a mouth organ!!! that was some hot shit. thumb.gif

The Scruffs - 2/5 - over rated, over confident and the lead singer looks like he's 12 and has a very annoying squeaky voice.

I'd like to finnish off by saying a special thanks to big ashy for making the apperance at the end